Playing with Robots – Dash & Dot

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This story starts a long time ago. On the 28th November 2013 I backed a Kickstarter project by a company called Play-i (now Wonder Workshop) I love the Kickstarter concept an find myself often backing some great products. I saw a lot of potential in Play-i for teaching programming to children, also who doesn’t love a robot! So I backed the project … Read More

eBook VS Physical Book Debate

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On Thursday the 15th of January 2015 as part of the Learning Commons promotion week the Devonport Union hosted a debate the motion being “This house would have the school emphasise eBooks and online resources over traditional resources.” The debate had a great turnout and a good range of year groups in attendance. The first point to be raised was … Read More

Google Classroom – App

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Today is the release day of Google Classroom apps for iOS and Android. The native apps are a big step in showing how serious Google is about education! The release has come just ahead of BETT so I am sure there will be lots of good practice being shared. The app does everything you would expect from creating new classes to sharing … Read More

Games & Games Based Learning

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In this post I am going to talk about Games and touch on Games Based Learning although I am not an expert in the area of Games Based Learning and it is not something which is really part of creating the perfect Learning Commons, but it is worth a mention. I allow students to play games on personal devices and … Read More