Catch Of The Day – Hangouts On Air

Ben ForteEdtech, Google Apps


I am going to be the next big Youtube success 😉 nah not really! We decided we wanted to start doing a weekly meeting about what has been happening in the world of Education Technology and thought it would be good to share it online. So we came up with Catch Of The Day. In Catch Of The Day (#DHSBCOTD) … Read More

Just Be Brilliant

Ben ForteEngagement


Last week I attended a Librarian Annual Conference hosted by Babcock. The main speaker for the day was Andy Cope. Andy is a trainer, speaker, teacher and author of a popular book series Spy Dog and also ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’. Now I will start off by saying the theme of what Andy was talking about was quite unexpected for … Read More

Rules, Rules, Rules

Ben ForteLearning Commons


So many traditional Libraries have so many rules. Generally you will find posters here there and everywhere dictating what you are and aren’t allowed to do. These are often not engaging and frequently ignored. A Learning Commons must have a more relaxed common sense approach. There are now so many different things that can have so many different rules that … Read More