Atmosphere – Personal Technology

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Atmosphere - Personal Tech

Nearly every student carries some type of personal technology, whether it is a mobile phone, laptop or tablet it can be used to enhance learning. Many schools now have a personal device policy or BYOD (Bring your own device) if your school doesn’t then you may need to look into why not.

Students can use their personal devices for many things. Sometimes it is just to listen to music while working, do online research, work on homework and maybe even to play games! GAMES!

A lot of the time personal devices are banned because of playing games. Playing games can be very disruptive but it can also be educational. Please do consider allowing this type of behaviour. Many Libraries will allow Chess and sometimes card games so why not allow mobile gaming?

Personal device usage will very much depend on your schools policy but I am all for making the most of the powerful technology available in the pockets of nearly every student.