Atmosphere – Refreshments

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Atmosphere - Refreshments

Traditionally no food or drink is allowed. Having visited many different locations and seeing what rules are in place I can see that unless you are staff or student helpers then you are not allowed food or drink. Most university level libraries/learning spaces have a lot more relaxed rules on refreshments and seeing people working in that relaxed way is very nice!

The concerns:

  • Spillages damaging books, computers or furniture.
  • Sticky fingers on books, computers or furniture.
  • Litter being dropped on the floors.

These are all valid issues but how often do these things really happen? Every single student will not be complying with these rules in the rest of their lives. They are growing into young adults and should start to be given the opportunities to feel more grown up.

I found that through banning food and drink that more people tried to sneak it in and not be caught which caused more issues with mess being created than if you simply allow them to eat and raise your expectations on ‘cleaning up after yourself’.