A Serverless School

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The term ‘Serverless School’ has been talked about for a few years now and I think it is something all of us cloud enthusiasts aspire to have. I have been meaning to write a post about this for quite sometime and then today I attended an RM Seminar where Simon Ansell presented a presentation on ‘The Serverless School’ and it was great … Read More

Google – Education on Air

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Last month Google announced Education on Air—the free online conference for educators May 8-9. As of this week you can now check out the full schedule of sessions. I’ll be taking part as a speaker on day 2 of the event. Day 1- Leading for the future: From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET hear from speakers who will challenge us … Read More

Catch Of The Day – Hangouts On Air

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I am going to be the next big Youtube success 😉 nah not really! We decided we wanted to start doing a weekly meeting about what has been happening in the world of Education Technology and thought it would be good to share it online. So we came up with Catch Of The Day. In Catch Of The Day (#DHSBCOTD) … Read More

Codio – Online Coding Platform

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While at BETT I heard about a platform called Codio. When I got home I thought I would check it out. Codio is a platform for teaching coding/just coding. It’s already being used all over the world by students as young as 8 years old right through to professional developers. The real beauty of using Codio is that students learn … Read More

Playing with Robots – Dash & Dot

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Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 20.13.06

This story starts a long time ago. On the 28th November 2013 I backed a Kickstarter project by a company called Play-i (now Wonder Workshop) I love the Kickstarter concept an find myself often backing some great products. I saw a lot of potential in Play-i for teaching programming to children, also who doesn’t love a robot! So I backed the project … Read More

eBook VS Physical Book Debate

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On Thursday the 15th of January 2015 as part of the Learning Commons promotion week the Devonport Union hosted a debate the motion being “This house would have the school emphasise eBooks and online resources over traditional resources.” The debate had a great turnout and a good range of year groups in attendance. The first point to be raised was … Read More

Google Classroom – App

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Today is the release day of Google Classroom apps for iOS and Android. The native apps are a big step in showing how serious Google is about education! The release has come just ahead of BETT so I am sure there will be lots of good practice being shared. The app does everything you would expect from creating new classes to sharing … Read More

Games & Games Based Learning

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In this post I am going to talk about Games and touch on Games Based Learning although I am not an expert in the area of Games Based Learning and it is not something which is really part of creating the perfect Learning Commons, but it is worth a mention. I allow students to play games on personal devices and … Read More

Atmosphere – Resources (Computers / Laptops / Tablets)

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Atmosphere - Resources - 1

Your choice of technology is very important it can completely change the use of the space. For example if you go for 30 desktop computers you are very fixed in the style of learning that will happen in the space. The amount of space you have available may limit your choices. I believe that a combination of technologies is the … Read More

What is a Chromebook?

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People are always asking me “What is a Chromebook?” A Chromebooks is simply a low cost, fast, internet ready laptop. If you already use Google Chrome on your existing device e.g. Laptop then you already know how to use a Chromebook. There is nothing new to learn. To make the most of the Chromebook you will need to use Google … Read More