Codio – Online Coding Platform

Ben ForteDevelopment, Edtech


While at BETT I heard about a platform called Codio. When I got home I thought I would check it out.

Codio is a platform for teaching coding/just coding. It’s already being used all over the world by students as young as 8 years old right through to professional developers. The real beauty of using Codio is that students learn how to code for real, without being hand-held or nannied every step of the way.

Network Managers will love it because it lets every user have their own development environment without having to do anything or maintain anything! No security worries just let students go!

It has “Stacks” that allow teachers to pre-configure environments for learning, including languages, databases, web servers, components and even entire code workspaces.

As you may know I am a PHP developer (and proud!) I am currently a big fan of the Laravel framework (another blog post to follow in the future but if you do want to learn more now Laracasts is awesome!)

Anyway back to Codio I wondered whether I would be able to you Laravel with it, guess what you can!

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 19.42.27


You can have access to a full Terminal and then use things like Composer to pull in packages etc and build awesome web projects.

I am not always a fan of online IDEs but Codio does work really well! It has Autocomplete, Code Beautification and my favourite multiple cursors.

You can pay for the platform to get more features but I have just been using the FREE version and it is working great! p.s. Works perfect for coding on Chromebooks!