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This story starts a long time ago. On the 28th November 2013 I backed a Kickstarter project by a company called Play-i (now Wonder Workshop)

I love the Kickstarter concept an find myself often backing some great products. I saw a lot of potential in Play-i for teaching programming to children, also who doesn’t love a robot!

So I backed the project then just had to wait…..

Christmas Eve 2014 they arrived!

Perfect timing! It gave me the Christmas holidays to learn! (play)

The robots have lots of features:

Lights, Sensors, & Media

Dash Dot
Microphones: 3 1
Speaker: 1 1
Eye Lights: 12 White LEDs 12 White LEDs
Ear Lights: RGB LEDs RGB LEDs
Spotlight: RGB LEDs (in chest) RGB LEDs (in eye)
Tail lights: Red LEDs N/A
Transmitters: 4 IRs 4 IRs
Distance Sensors: 3 (12 inch range) N/A
Detect Robot Receivers: 2 IRs N/A


The apps are very simple to use, if you have ever used Scratch before then you will be programming these little guys within seconds! I also bought the Xylophone attachment which is great fun! I made Jingle Bells as my first song by copying the notes from someone playing a Xylophone on Youtube.

Make Wonder have now made a magazine which is available online for free and has lots of cool ideas and project to make.

I will post some projects soon that you could try out in a coding club or computing lesson.


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