Rules, Rules, Rules

Ben ForteLearning Commons


So many traditional Libraries have so many rules. Generally you will find posters here there and everywhere dictating what you are and aren’t allowed to do. These are often not engaging and frequently ignored.

A Learning Commons must have a more relaxed common sense approach. There are now so many different things that can have so many different rules that there would be no space for all the posters on the walls or a huge contract for students to have to read before entering.

What I propose is more effective is instead of rules e.g. Do not eat, do not play games I propose more suggestive statements e.g. Games are fun, some people are here to work. This way people are more free to make the judgment themselves. Below is a sample of my current Learning Commons expectations.


As you can see they are not rules specifically and I have found that students respect and appreciate this a lot more. And this is it! The only poster that needs to be displayed I wanted everything to be committed into one resource which can be displayed. It is clean, modern and complete.