Supervision / Support

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Supervision Support

The level of support and supervision required should be considered carefully. Depending on how your learning space operates you may require different levels of support at different times of the day.

There should always be someone available in your learning space and during peak times e.g. Lunchtime you are probably going to require more support. There are a few ways to provide increased support without necessarily costing you more money.

  • Host special subject events
  • Enlist support from senior students (prefects)
  • Create a student support group (Leadership Programme)
  • Invite other staff to use the space

One way to get more staff support in your learning space could be to host specific subject days and promote them as days when a member of staff from that department will be available to help with homework or anything else related to the subject.

If your school has a 6th form or has a prefect type system then you could enlist the help of them. Although they are not staff they should be respected and can provide you with the additional help during busy periods, it is also great experience for them.

Creating a student group that can help support you is very worthwhile. I have created a Learning Commons Leadership Programme which gives students a progressive path with certification and will gain them valuable leadership skills.

Sometimes just having the presence of other members of staff in the space is support enough. Make your space welcoming for staff too and they will like to use the space for socialising, meeting and relaxing.